Pat Parseghian's Recordings for Learning Ally

As a volunteer with Learning Ally (formerly known as Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic), I have read selections from hundreds of books since 1990 - most of which are listed below.

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  1. The World in the Twentieth Century, 7th edition, by Brower and Sanders
  2. Exploring Microsoft Office 2010, Volume 2, by Grauer et al.
  3. Office 2011 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual, by Grover
  4. Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior, 9th edition, by Meyer and Weaver
  5. MacBook Pro Portable Genius, by Miser
  6. Essentials of Understanding Psychology, 10th edition, by Feldman
  7. Foundations of Meaningful Educational Assessment, by Musial et al.
  8. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010: RELOADED, by Zak
  9. Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates, by Guberman
  10. Special Education: Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals, 3rd edition, by Friend
  11. A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories, by Bradbury
  12. Starting Out with Python, 2nd edition, by Gaddis
  13. Understanding Your Health, 12th edition, by Payne et al.
  14. Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills, by Hepworth et al.


  1. Ivan's War: Life and Death in the Red Army, 1939-1945, by Merridale
  2. Fitness and Wellness, 10th edition, by Hoeger and Hoeger
  3. Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 7th edition, by Gaddis et al.
  4. American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation, Volume 1, 4th edition, by Carnes and Garraty
  5. Computers Are Your Future, 12th edition, by LaBerta
  6. Understanding Society: An Introductory Reader, by Andersen et al.
  7. Concepts of Fitness And Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach, by Corbin et al.
  8. HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Comprehensive, 6th edition, by Shelly et al.
  9. Adobe Flash CS4 Revealed, by Shuman
  10. Give Me Liberty!: An American History, Volume Two, by Foner


  1. Learning Microsoft Office 2010, Standard Student Edition, by Bucki et al.
  2. Adapting Early Childhood Curricula for Children with Special Needs, 8th edition, by Cook et al.
  3. A Novel Approach to Politics: Introducing Political Science through Books, Movies, and Popular Culture, by Van Belle and Mash
  4. Nutrition: An Applied Approach, 3rd edition, by Thompson and Manore
  5. 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created, by Mann
  6. GO! with Microsoft Office 2010 Getting Started, by Gaskin et al.
  7. The Heritage of World Civilizations: Volume 2, 9th edition, by Craig et al.
  8. Globalization, 2nd edition, by Hebron and Stack
  9. Western Civilization: Volume B: 1300 to 1815, by Spielvogel
  10. Marquee Series: Microsoft Word 2010
  11. Connections: A World History, Volume 2, 2nd edition, by Judge and Langdon
  12. A Guide to Graphic Print Production, by Johansson et al.
  13. Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining, by Gass and Seiter
  14. The Real History of World War II: A New Look at the Past, by Axelrod
  15. Photo & Digital Imaging, by Klasey
  16. Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for Helping Professionals, by Walsh
  17. Glencoe OSHA Workbook
  18. Eastern World, by Holt McDougal
  19. Introduction to Criminal Justice, by Bohm
  20. Art History, Volume 2, 4th edition, by Stokstad and Cothren
  21. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th edition, by Harris
  22. Nutrition for Life, 2nd edition, by Thompson and Manore
  23. Philosophy and the City: Classic to Contemporary Writings, edited by Meagher
  24. A History of Interior Design, 3rd edition, by Pile
  25. The Tapestry of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Ninth Edition, by Rosman et al.
  26. World History: Early Ages, by Spielvogel
  27. Stage Makeup, 10th edition, by Corson et al.
  28. Stoicism and Emotion, by Graver
  29. Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Understanding Threats and Responses in the Post 9/11 World, 3rd edition, by Nacos


  1. Crime and Punishment: A History of the Criminal Justice System, by Roth
  2. Understanding Computers in a Changing Society, by Morley
  3. Theory of Knowledge, by Bastian et al.
  4. Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, by Simpson et al.
  5. Cultural Anthropology: Appreciating Cultural Diversity, by Kottak
  6. ReMix: Reading and Composing Culture, by Latterell
  7. New Dimensions in Women's Health, 5th edition, by Alexander et al.
  8. American Government and Politics: Deliberation, Democracy and Citizenship, by Bessette and Pitney
  9. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness, by Saks
  10. Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues, 2nd edition, by Vaughn
  11. Computer Service and Repair: A Guide to Upgrading, Configuring, Troubleshooting, and Networking Personal Computers, by Roberts
  12. Show & Tell: Writers on Writing, by UNC Wilmington Creative Writing Dept.
  13. Art in Theory 1900 - 2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas, edited by Harrison and Wood
  14. Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything, by Bell and Gemmell
  15. Microsoft Office 2007 Brief: A Professional Approach, by Hinkle et al.
  16. Ethics for the Information Age, 3rd edition, by Quinn


  1. Three Girls and Their Brother: A Novel, by Rebeck
  2. Wonderland, by Oates
  3. What We Owe to Each Other, by Scanlon
  4. Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual, by McFarland
  5. Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance, by Dungy and Whitaker
  6. Manifest Destiny: American Expansion and the Empire of Right, by Stephanson
  7. Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam, by FitzGerald
  8. Africa, Volume 3: Colonial Africa 1885-1939, by Falola
  9. Network Security, by Pardoe and Snyder
  10. Midnight's Children, by Rushdie
  11. Cultural Anthropology, 5th edition, by Miller
  12. Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings, 1972-1977, by Foucault
  13. Interactive Reader and Writer for Critical Analysis, Grade 11 (McDougal Littell Literature)
  14. Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy, 4th edition, by Gurman


  1. Microsoft Office 2007: Brief Concepts and Techniques, by Shelly et al.
  2. Attack of the Mutant Underwear, by Birdseye
  3. Hunting the Hunter (On the Run, Book 6), by Korman
  4. Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes, by Miller
  5. A+ Troubleshooting Scenarios, by Andrews
  6. A History Of Western Society: Volume II, Ninth Edition, by McKay et al.
  7. Inventing Arguments, Brief Second Edition, by Mauk and Metz
  8. Assault on Paradise, by Kottak
  9. The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History, To 1500, Vol. I, by Bulliet et al.
  10. Dialectic of Enlightenment, by Horkheimer and Adorno
  11. Rethinking Popular Culture: Contemporary Perspectives in Cultural Studies, edited by Mukerji and Schudson
  12. The Perfect Man, by Murr
  13. Oracle 10g: SQL, by Casteel
  14. Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Movements, by Antoun
  15. Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method, by Smith
  16. Privacy: What Developers and IT Professionals Should Know, by Cannon
  17. Business Ethics and the Natural Environment, by Newton
  18. The Turing Test: Verbal Behavior as the Hallmark of Intelligence, by Shieber
  19. Attachment in Adults: Clinical and Developmental Perspectives, by Sperling and Berman
  20. American Bar Association Family Legal Guide, 3rd edition
  21. Preventing Violence: Research And Evidence-based Intervention Strategies, edited by Lutzger
  22. The Ethics of Management, by Hosmer
  23. Varieties of Human Experience: An Anthropological Perspective, by Erickson et al.
  24. Guide To Operating Systems, Enhanced Edition, by Palmer and Walters
  25. National Identity (Ethnonationalism in Comparative Perspective), by Smith
  26. For the Record: A Documentary History of America, Volume 2, by Shi and Mayer


  1. Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge, by Haviland et al.
  2. Purple Hibiscus, by Adichie
  3. Making a New Nation (California Vistas)
  4. Teaching and Learning with Technology, 3rd edition, by Lever-Duffy and McDonald
  5. Social Work Practice: A Risk and Resilience Perspective, by Greene
  6. Case Studies in Couple and Family Therapy: Systemic and Cognitive Perspectives, edited by Dattilio
  7. Man and the State, by Maritain
  8. SQL Demystified, by Oppel
  9. Ancient Civilizations (California Vistas), by Spielvogel
  10. Abnormal Psychology, 13th edition, by Butcher et al.
  11. Groups in Practice, by Day
  12. Management Fads in Higher Education: Where They Come From, What They Do, Why They Fail, by Birnbaum
  13. Walt Whitman and the Culture of American Celebrity, by Blake
  14. Our Golden State (California Vistas)
  15. Modern World History, California Edition: Patterns of Interaction, by Beck et al.
  16. Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco, by Yung
  17. Earth Science (Holt Science and Technology)
  18. Man for Himself: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics, by Fromm
  19. The Joy Luck Club, by Tan
  20. Refuse to Choose!: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love, by Sher
  21. Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer, by Lewis
  22. Secret of Childhood, by Montessori
  23. Foundation and Earth, by Asimov
  24. Great Modern European Short Stories, by Angus and Angus
  25. Classical Myth, 5th edition, by Powell
  26. MMPI-A: Assessing Adolescent Psychopathology, by Archer
  27. Cultural Anthropology, by Nanda and Warms
  28. The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction, by Charters
  29. Religious Foundations of Western Civilization: Judaism, Christianity And Islam, edited by Neusner
  30. Biopsychology, 6th edition, by Pinel


  1. Wrightsman's Psychology and the Legal System, by Greene et al.
  2. Understanding Ethnic Conflict: The International Dimension, 3rd edition, by Taras and Ganguly
  3. Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish: Psychology and Related Fields, by Cone and Foster
  4. World Mythology, Student Edition, by Rosenberg
  5. Toxic Emotions at Work: How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain and Conflict, by Frost
  6. Macroeconomics, 6th edition, by Hall and Papell
  7. Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos, by Chaisson
  8. BSCS Biology: A Human Approach, 3rd edition
  9. The Washington Adventure, by Pelz
  10. The Order of Things: An Archaeology of Human Sciences, by Foucault
  11. Understanding Motor Development: Infants, Children, Adolescents, Adults, by Gallahue and Ozmun
  12. The Heritage of World Civilizations: Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition, Volume 1, by Craig et al.
  13. Art in Focus, Student Edition
  14. Spark Notes NO FEAR SHAKESPEARE: Much Ado About Nothing, by SparkNotes Editors
  15. Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers, by Bartholomae and Petrosky
  16. Psychology and Work Today, 9th edition, by Schultz and Schultz
  17. Personality and Psychotherapy: Treating the Whole Person, by Singer
  18. Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 06/07, by Angeloni
  19. Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology, 5th edition, by Mader
  20. Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, 7th edition, by Hockenberry


  1. Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 8th edition, by Roth and Townsend
  2. An Introduction to Cultural Ecology, by Sutton
  3. Ethics in Media Communications: Cases and Controversies, by Day
  4. Critical Thinking in Psychology: Separating Sense from Nonsense, by Ruscio
  5. Child Development: Principles and Perspectives, SOS edition, by Cook and Cook
  6. The History of Management Thought, 5th edition, by Wren
  7. The Globalization Gap: How the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Left Further Behind, by Isaak
  8. American Ways: A History of American Cultures, 1500 to 1865, Volume I, 2nd edition, by Rader
  9. American Ways: A History of American Cultures, 1865 to Present, Volume II, 2nd edition, by Rader
  10. 1215: The Year of Magna Carta, by Danziger and Gillingham
  11. Jacob's Ladder: The History of the Human Genome, by Gee
  12. First Philosophy: Fundamental Problems and Readings in Philosophy, God, Mind, and Freedom, edited by Bailey
  13. The Bomb in My Garden: The Secrets of Saddam's Nuclear Mastermind, by Obeidi
  14. Global Business Today, by Hill
  15. Counseling and Therapy with Clients Who Abuse Alcohol or Other Drugs: An Integrative Approach, by Glidden-Tracey
  16. Four in One: Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide, and Handbook, 3rd edition, by Dornan and Dees
  17. In Mendel's Mirror: Philosophical Reflections on Biology, by Kitcher
  18. XML and ASP.NET, by Evans et al.
  19. The Biology of Death: Origins of Mortality, by Klarsfeld
  20. The World and Its People, by Boehm et al.
  21. Our Affair with El Niño: How We Transformed an Enchanting Peruvian Current into a Global Climate Hazard, by Philander
  22. The Humanities, 7th edition, by Witt et al.
  23. English Fundamentals, Form B, 13th edition, by Emery et al.
  24. Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945, by Hastings
  25. Current Care of Women: Diagnosis & Treatment, edited by Lemcke et al.
  26. Ethical Conflicts in Psychology, edited by Bersoff
  27. Transformation of Southeast Asia: International Perspectives on Decolonization, by Frey et al.
  28. Programming and Problem Solving with Java, by Dale
  29. Plant Life (Wonders of Science), by Gottlieb
  30. The Earth and Beyond
  31. Computers, 11th edition, by Long and Long


  1. Matter, Motion, and Machines, by Gottlieb
  2. Between Heaven and Earth, by Beinfield & Korn
  3. The American Nation: Civil War to the Present, by Davidson & Stoff
  4. Psychology: Themes and Variations, 6th edition, by Weiten
  5. Development of Children, 5th edition, by Cole et al.
  6. First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History, 2nd edition, by Calloway
  7. Paradigms of Personality Assessment, by Wiggins
  8. Sociology: The Essentials, 3rd edition, by Andersen
  9. DSM-IV-TR™ in Action, by Dziegielewski
  10. Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, by Fritz
  11. Principles of Macroeconomics, 7th edition, by Case and Fair
  12. Aquagenesis: The Origin and Evolution of Life in the Sea, by Ellis
  13. The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Third Edition, Volume 1: Modern Poetry, edited by Ramazani et al.
  14. The Argentina Reader: History, Culture, Politics, edited by Nouzeilles and Montaldo
  15. The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care: A Critical Approach, by Weitz
  16. Through the Darkness: Coping with the Legacy of Mental Illness, by Futscher
  17. Someone I Love Is Gay: How Family & Friends Can Respond, by Worthen and Davies
  18. From Sea to Shining Sea: Level 3
  19. Maternal-Newborn Nursing; Reviews & Rationales, by Hogan and Glazebrook


  1. Holt Literature and Language Arts: Essentials of American Literature, 5th Course
  2. Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals, 5th edition, by Drummond and Brefere
  3. The Chef Manager, by Baskette
  4. Diversity in Counseling, by Brammer
  5. Environmental Law and Policy: Statutory and Regulatory Supplement, by Revesz
  6. Oil Spills: The Perils of Petroleum, by Duden and Walker
  7. McGraw-Hill Science
  8. Beard's Massage, by Domenico and Wood
  9. The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 1A: The Middle Ages, 2nd edition, by Damrosch et al. (eds.)
  10. Readings in the Western Humanities, Volume 1, by Matthews and Platt (eds.)
  11. Contemporary's Pre-GED Social Studies
  12. Animal Behavior: Mechanisms, Ecology, Evolution, 5th edition, by Drickhamer et al.
  13. Uncertain Order: The World in the Twentieth Century, by Browne et al.
  14. Science Discoveryworks: Level 4 (California Edition)
  15. The Norton Introduction to Literature, 8th edition, edited by Beaty et al.
  16. Documents in World History, Volume II: The Modern Centuries (from 1500 to the present), 3rd edition, by Stearns et al.
  17. Global Marketing, 3rd edition, by Keegan and Green
  18. The World Is a Text: Writing, Reading, and Thinking About Culture and its Contexts, by Silverman and Rader
  19. The Matter of Life (Insights in Biology), by the Education Development Center
  20. Aspects of Western Civilization, Volume 1: Problems and Sources in History, 5th edition, by Rogers
  21. Sense and Sensibility (Norton Critical Editions), by Austen
  22. Biological Perspectives, 2nd edition
  23. Human Resource Development, by DeSimone et al.
  24. Community Psychology: Guiding Principles and Orienting Concepts, by Rudkin
  25. Human Development, 7th edition, by Vander Zanden
  26. Concepts and Challenges: Life Science, 4th edition


  1. Western Civilizations, Volume 2, 14th edition, by Coffin et al.
  2. Augustine: Political Writings, by Augustine
  3. World Explorer: People Places and Cultures
  4. Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World, 5th edition, by Nevid et al.
  5. Woman's Inhumanity to Woman, by Chesler
  6. Vocabulary Connections (Level H)
  7. Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice, 4th edition, by Dudek
  8. Glencoe Science Voyages: Physical Science, California Edition
  9. Glencoe Science Voyages: Earth and Physical Sciences, California Edition
  10. Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes: The American Experience
  11. Building Understanding: A Thematic Approach to Reading Comprehension, by Baker-Gonzalez and Blau
  12. Learning and Adaptive Behavior, by Frieman
  13. Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Behavior, edited by Vance et al.
  14. Confronting Fear: A History of Terrorism, by Cronin
  15. Core MCSE: Windows 2000 Edition, 2nd edition, by Dell
  16. Phaedo (Oxford World's Classics), by Plato
  17. Exploring World History, by Holt
  18. HTML 4.0 CD with JavaScript, by Neou
  19. Perception, 4th edition, by Sekuler and Blake
  20. Exploring Life Science, by Maton et al.


  1. Challenge of Democracy, 7th edition, by Janda et al.
  2. Glencoe Biology: Living Systems
  3. Our Sexuality, 7th edition, by Crooks and Baur
  4. The Cambridge Companion to Oscar Wilde, edited by Raby
  5. World Civilizations, Volume I: To 1600, 2nd edition, by Adler
  6. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, by Chang
  7. The Photographic Eye: Learning to See With a Camera, by O'Brien and Sibley
  8. Cases in Strategic Marketing, by Rosenthal and Brown
  9. Roaring Camp: The Social World of the California Gold Rush, by Johnson
  10. The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power, by Culley
  11. e-Business and e-Commerce How to Program, by Nieto et al.
  12. Call If You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose, by Carver
  13. Winners and Losers, by Hoffius
  14. The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema, by Kolker
  15. Generalist Practice With Organizations and Communities, 2nd edition, by Kirst-Ashman and Hull
  16. The New Urban Sociology, by Gottdiener
  17. The Night Listener, by Maupin
  18. Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking, by Halpern
  19. Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness, by Austin
  20. Exploring Literature, by Klimas
  21. How the Internet Works: Millennium Edition, by Gralla
  22. Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World, 5th edition, by Sullivan
  23. Introduction to Modern Philosophy: Examining the Human Condition, 7th edition, by Castell et al.
  24. Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7th edition, by Williams
  25. American History: A Concise Documents Collection, Vol. 2, by Bukowski
  26. Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy, by Wilber
  27. Executive Leadership: Building World-Class Organizations, by Olmstead
  28. The World's History: To 1500, 2nd edition, by Spodek


  1. The Military Philosophers, by Powell
  2. Energies of Transformation, by Greenwell
  3. Ourselves Among Others: Readings from Home and Abroad, 4th edition, by Verburg
  4. Pageant of a Woman, by Andrei
  5. The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak Performance, by Lark and Richards
  6. Marketing Research, by Lehmann et al.
  7. Washington: Past and Present, 1st edition, by Lambert and Lambert
  8. Winning with Integrity: Getting What You're Worth Without Selling Your Soul, by Steinberg, with D'Orso
  9. Sudden Origins, by Schwartz
  10. As Long As the Grass Shall Grow and Rivers Flow: A History of Native Americans, by Trafzer
  11. World History: People & Nations, Modern World, by Mazour
  12. Windows NT Server 4: Concepts and Practice, by Williams
  13. Microbiology: A Human Perspective, edited by Nester et al.
  14. Boundary Wars: Intimacy and Distance in Healing Relationships, edited by Ragsdale
  15. The Origin of Species, by Darwin
  16. Simple Program Design, 3rd Edition: A Step By Step Approach, by Robertson et al.
  17. Information Systems: Success in the 21st Century, by Gupta
  18. Sex, Gender, and Christian Ethics (New Studies in Christian Ethics, No 9), by Cahill
  19. Feminist Frameworks: Alternative Theoretical Accounts of the Relations Between Women and Men, 3rd edition, by Jaggar and Rothenberg
  20. Gold Dust and Gunsmoke: Tales of Gold Rush Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen, and Vigilantes, by Boessenecker
  21. More Reading Power, by Mikulecky and Jeffries
  22. Mastering and Using Microsoft Office 2000 (Office 2000 Series), by Napier and Judd
  23. Microsoft Word 2000: Illustrated Complete, by Swanson et al.
  24. Beyond Religion: A Personal Program for Building a Spiritual Life Outside the Walls of Traditional Religion, by Elkins
  25. Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education, 4th Edition, by Graham et al.
  26. The World of Film and Video Production: Aesthetics and Practices, by Dancyger
  27. Asian Americans: Experiences and Perspectives, by Fong and Shinagawa


  1. Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, 4th Edition, by Henslin
  2. International Conflict and Cooperation: An Introduction to World Politics, 2nd Edition, by Amstutz
  3. International Marketing, 5th Edition, by Czinkota and Ronkainen
  4. Understanding Ethnic Conflict: The International Dimension, by Ganguly and Taras
  5. Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, by Bowman
  6. Our Sexuality, 7th edition, by Crooks and Baur
  7. The Washington Story: A History of Our State, 4th edition, by Pelz
  8. Superstars: Twelve Lesbians Who Changed the World, by Richards
  9. The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers, 5th edition, by Hairston et al.
  10. A Blue Fire, by Hillman
  11. Life Span Human Development, 3rd edition, by Sigelman
  12. What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers, by Bernays and Painter
  13. For the Hell of It: The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman, by Raskin
  14. The American Northwest: A History of Oregon and Washington, by Dodds
  15. No Equal Justice: Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System, by Cole
  16. Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History, Vol. 1, 7th edition, by Sowards
  17. A Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement, by Powell
  18. Business Communication, 4th edition, by Krizan et al.
  19. Art History, Volume I, by Stokstad et al.
  20. The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature, by Sheldrake
  21. State of the World 1997, by Brown et al.
  22. Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Vol. 3 - Insight, 5th edition, edited by Crowe and Doran
  23. Learning and Behavior: Biological, Psychological, and Sociocultural Perspective, 2nd edition, by Barker
  24. Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, 3rd edition, by Schmalleger
  25. Methods in Behavioral Research, 6th edition, by Cozby


  1. A New Economic View of American History from Colonial Times to 1940, 2nd edition, by Atack and Passell
  2. Culture and Values: A Survey of the Western Humanitites, Vol. II, by Cunningham and Reich
  3. Reformation Europe: Age of Reform and Revolution, 2nd edition, by Jensen
  4. Marketing Mistakes and Successes, 7th edition, by Hartley
  5. Echoes from Medieval Halls: Past-Life Memories from the Middle Ages, by Lane
  6. Human Resource Management, 8th edition, by Milkovich and Boudreau
  7. Atheism: A Philosophical Justification, by Martin
  8. Developmental Psychopathology, Volume 2: Risk, Disorder, and Adaptation, by Cicchetti and Cohen
  9. Criminal Evidence, 3rd edition, by Kaci
  10. American Government: Institutions and Policies, 7th edition, by Wilson and DiIulio
  11. Hormonal Health: Nutritional and Hormonal Strategies for Emotional Well-Being & Intellectual Longevity, by Colgan
  12. To Be a Woman: The Birth of the Conscious Feminine, edited by Zweig
  13. Understanding Children and Adolescents, 3rd edition, by Schickedanz et al.
  14. Reading Skills for College Students by Hancock
  15. Psychology and Work Today, 7th edition, by Schultz and Schultz
  16. Home Safe Home, by Dadd
  17. Post-Modern Platos, but Zuckert
  18. Readings in Strategic Management, by Thompson et al.
  19. Human Societies: An Introduction to Macrosociology, 7th edition, by Lenski et al.
  20. Civil Society: Theory, History, Comparison, edited by Hall
  21. Point-Counterpoint: Readings in American Government, 6th edition, by Levine
  22. Recovering from Breast Surgery: Exercises to Strengthen Your Body and Relieve Pain, by Stumm
  23. Juvenile Delinquency, 6th edition, by Siegel and Senna
  24. Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, by Miller
  25. Communism, Fascism, and Democracy, 3rd edition, by Cohen
  26. American Social Welfare Policy: A Pluralist Approach, 3rd edition, by Karger and Stoesz
  27. The Black Community: Diversity and Unity, 3rd edition, by Blackwell
  28. Reversals: A Personal Account of Victory over Dyslexia, by Simpson
  29. Understanding and Using English Grammar, Volume B, 2nd Edition, by Azar
  30. International Organization - A Reader, by Kratochwil and Mansfield
  31. The Wisdom of the Prophets, by Ibn al-°Arabåi
  32. The Forging of the Modern State: Early Industrial Britain 1783-1870, 2nd edition, by Evans
  33. Criminal Justice: Principles and Perspectives, by Holman and Quinn


  1. The Aims of Argument: A Rhetoric and Reader, 2nd edition, by Crusius and Channell
  2. The Primal Wound: A Transpersonal View of Trauma, Addiction, and Growth, by Firman and Gila
  3. Later Life: The Realities of Aging, 4th edition, by Cox
  4. A User's Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Deviations from Deleuze and Guattari, by Massumi
  5. Images, Objects and Ideas: Viewing the Visual Arts, by Nemett
  6. Essentials of Health Care Management, 1st edition, by Shortell et al.
  7. Lonergan and Kant: Five Essays on Human Knowledge, by Sala
  8. Reflective Planning, Teaching and Evaluation for the Elementary School, by Eby
  9. The National Idea in Eastern Europe, by Augustinos
  10. Marketing Research - An Applied Orientation, 2nd edition, by Malhotra
  11. Working in Groups: Communication Principles and Strategies, by Engleberg and Wynn
  12. Literacy Difficulties - Diagnosis and Instruction, by Block
  13. Keys to the Open Gate - A Woman's Spirituality Sourcebook, by Snow
  14. Christianity in a Revolutionary Age, Vol. II: The 19th Century in Europe - The Protestant and Eastern Churches, by Latourette
  15. Principles of Economics, 4th edition, by Case and Fair
  16. Cities, Change and Conflict: A Political Economy of Urban Life, by Kleniewski
  17. Consumer Behavior - Implications for Marketing Strategy, 6th Edition, by Hawkins et al.
  18. Effective Teaching: Principles and Procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis with Exceptional Students, by Wolery et al.
  19. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, by Crutcher
  20. International Marketing, 4th Edition, by Czinkota and Ronkainen
  21. Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History, Volume II, Reconstruction to the Present, Seventh Edition, by Madaras and SoRelle
  22. Collected Stories, by Sillitoe
  23. Business: Its Legal, Ethical and Global Environment, 4th edition, by Jennings
  24. The Gilded Age, or the Hazard of New Functions, by Summers
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